Times are tough. Times are always tough. But we can choose how we feel about what happens.

Our mindset can influence our emotions.

There always seems to be something negative going on, and if there isn’t, people somehow find a way to think and behave like there is.

Stoicism teaches us the development of mental fortitude and self-control. It enables us to see with a…

I decided to do a 30-day challenge to stop using social media.

I found that categorising my goals into categories last year (finances/wealth, health/fitness etc), helped to keep me focused on those areas throughout the year. I have found that having approximately 3 goals per area was managable and allowed me to keep on track and on top of everything. I’ll be continuing with that theme in 2021, but I also want to have a bit more focus on a smaller number of areas and more specific things.

From 0 clients to 5 in one month! My personal training business, Nathan’ Mobile PT, saw huge growth!

It felt like April went very quickly. The biggest change during April was launching my mobile personal training business, Nathan’s Mobile PT, and it somewhat surprisingly kicking off VERY quickly, now taking up all of my spare time in the mornings — time I wasn’t doing anything anyway! Apart from that, some really good progress financially, and a few areas I definitely need to focus more on.

My journey to Financial Independence by age 40.

First FIRE progress update of 2021!

For those in the financial independence retire early mindset, we all know that your savings rate is extremely important in growing long-term wealth. But, there is a better, faster way to reach early retirement.

Your savings rate and how much you can save is one of the most important things to do on your journey to FIRE. Your savings will account for the largest portion of your portfolio growth. Investment returns only begin to take over once your portfolio is very large (hundreds of thousands).

Photo by Julian Jagtenberg from Pexels

Having enough money so you no longer need to work may seem out of our reach at first. However, given time and compounding interest, it’s a whole lot easier to achieve than you think.

Step 1. Work towards saving a percentage of your income

Step 2. Invest those savings regularly in low-fee, exchange traded funds…

Photo by Cade Prior from Pexels

Every time you learn something new, you will be able to pick up a new skill easier the next time.

My net worth increased from $25,677 to $104,853 in just over a year.

Your net worth is your assets minus your liabilities, leaving you with a net position in terms of wealth.

  1. Having a high income (~$90k AUD) relative to my previous income (~$45k) from previous years.

I undertook a 30-day challenge that was extremely difficult, but incredibly rewarding.

Image from Kelvin Valerio on Pexels.com

I originally tried a 21-day no complaint challenge back in 2016. It was really fun. Every time I complained about something, I restarted the challenge. I failed 2 times very early, only getting a few days in each time. After the 2nd attempt, I found myself hyper aware of everything I said and I was able to finish the 21 days.

Nathan Challenges Life

My name is Nathan and I blog about my experiences through 30-day challenges, my progress towards goals and financial indendence, and personal development topics

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